F5 Wizard

Monitoring serwerów

Case study - Monitoring of a web application.


CUK Ubezpieczenia Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. is a leading advisor and seller of vehicle and property insurances, having more than 150 branches across Poland. The company presents the offer of 30 insurance companies and provides its services to both individual and business customers.


The business priority for CUK Ubezpieczenia is to exhaustively compare the offer of different companies in order to suggest the best price and scope of insurance to its customers. The company uses a dedicated web application, whose availability and flawless operation in all departments are of utmost importance.


Having performed a detailed analysis of the application’s environment, we launched distributed monitoring. F5Wizard was implemented with the use of many agents within the internal structures owned by the customer and the public Internet network. Thanks to the external agents, the system simulates application users in accordance with predefined scenarios. Data collected from external agents are correlated with application data, allowing for identification of any anomalies in operation.


The customer is provided with comprehensive monitoring, tailored specifically to his needs, and gets immediate notifications regarding any incidents affecting the availability and the speed of the system. The monitoring allows to eliminate problems spot-on even within the multi-departmental distribution network and despite the multitude of factors impacting proper operation of the application. Basing on F5Wizard, we developed and introduced a catalogue of technical support services ensuring continued operation of critical business applications. Due to the number of incidents reported by users, we simultaneously offered full technical support for users (L1) and advanced services at support lines 2 and 3 (L2, L3).


For our business, high availability of the CUK Ubezpieczenia web application is a matter of life and death. In my opinion, a situation where agents cannot quote and sell policies to customers is beyond imagination. F5Wizard with technical support of the manufacturer is a perfect choice for those, who want to be on the safe side.

Przemysław Grabowski Development Director, Member of the Management Board