F5 Wizard

Monitoring serwerów

Case study - Monitoring of e-mail services.


Oponeo.pl S.A. is one of the largest European companies specialising in the online sales of tyres and rims. The company is listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange and reports more than PLN 300 million of annual sales income. Every day, about a dozen thousand orders placed on 14 markets scattered across the world are processed by Oponeo.pl. The company’s portfolio comprises several dozen of e-commerce platforms. The sales are largely based on e-mail communication.


Selling via many e-commerce platforms simultaneously results in a soaring number of messages sent and received by the e-mail system. In recognition of the importance of this method of communication for the business, the company wanted to make sure that the messages sent reach their addressees. Even temporary unavailability of such a vital communication channel would make the enterprise incur severe financial losses.


Having analysed the situation, we implemented the F5Wizard monitoring system, which ensured comprehensive surveillance of e-mail services. The system started to control IT infrastructure, applications and external factors impacting the operation of service (e.g. DNS, Blacklist and the load of Internet links). The monitoring covered also the physical environment of the e-mail services: air conditioning, fire protection, access control and many other systems.


F5Wizard identified sources of problems rapidly and spot-on, which in turn ensured higher availability of e-mail services and speeded up the processing of incidents. Putting into practice mechanisms of event correlation increased the failure anticipation rate and decreased the number of orders lost considerably. What is more, F5Wizard monitoring encouraged proactive measures taken by the administrators as it facilitated appropriate forecasting and budgeting of future IT resources.


As an e-commerce company, we attach great importance to the quality of communication with our customers. For us, the certainty that e-mail correspondence goes smoothly is indispensable. Thanks to the F5Wizard monitoring, our e-mail infrastructure is under constant surveillance; thus the sources of problems are identified on the spot.

Maciej Karpusiewicz Member of the Management Board, Head of the IT Department