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Case study - Monitoring of call centre and IT environment


PESA Bydgoszcz SA is one of the largest manufacturers of modern rail vehicles in Europe. The company enters into agreements for the provision of multiple units, railway engines and trams to the markets in Poland, Germany, Russia, Italy, the Czech Republic and other European countries. The company employs about 4 thousand qualified specialists and actively strives for the consolidation of the market by uniting manufacturers of similar products in a capital group.


What the company considers instrumental in running business is preserving continued production and full performance of construction units. Therefore, keeping a highly available IT environment is an objective of utmost importance, ensured thanks to the work of a large technical support team and the use of a call centre infrastructure. As the number of service calls incoming through diverse communication channels grew high, it was necessary to control them and manage the changes regarding teamwork organisation.


Project teams of the Customer and Eximo Project established co-operation to analyse work organisation at the Technical Support Department and to develop a plan of its evolution. In order to verify whether the recommendations are followed and to control the efficiency and effectiveness of the changes, we introduced dedicated monitoring of services provided at the call centre. At the same time, we launched comprehensive monitoring of the IT infrastructure at the company. Trend analysis and data comparison achieved with the use of F5Wizard illustrated the direction of changes in the support services provision.


The implemented F5Wizard monitoring system indicated methods of processing a large number of incidents while maintaining high quality of support services. The changes improved the availability of IT environment and speeded up report processing at support lines 1 and 2. The high level of report processing achieved increased the level of user satisfaction. The measures described above, taken in accordance with Kaizen and ITIL, assured low-cost and verifiable changes for the whole company.


For the internal Technical Support Department, swift processing of incidents reported by our employees is the priority. Trend analysis and verification of incoming data, both made possible thanks to the F5Wizard monitoring, significantly streamlined the workflow at our call centre.

Damian Wierzyński Z-ca Szefa Informatyki, Specjalista ds. Informatyki PESA Bydgoszcz SA