F5 Wizard

Monitoring serwerów

Case study – monitoring of databases.


Zakłady Mięsne SKIBA is a dynamically developing company in the FMCG sector. The enterprise comprises a processing plant with the surface of 9000 m², seven distribution centres and a nationwide retail network including more than 70 brand stores. The company holds export certificates for markets in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and Central Americas. The company attaches utmost attention to the safety and quality of its products, has implemented an HACCP system and maintains constant control over its production processes.


As ZM SKIBA runs its business on a three-shift basis, maintaining continued production is of utmost importance. The company uses modern, automatic lines in order to optimise work efficiency. High performance is achieved thanks to the IT system support, which controls production processes and the ERP software. In order to avoid costly stoppages, it is crucial to maintain high availability and efficiency of the production systems used.


Having analysed the requirements and the needs of the company, we implemented a comprehensive F5Wizard system for IT environment monitoring, complete with advanced monitoring of IT services. During work, we focused especially on the database application for production management. As a result, the system monitored the operation of the application, the databases and elements of the IT infrastructure. Combined with unique elements of event correlation, this enabled us to get full and detailed control over the most important systems.


F5Wizard identified sources of incidents rapidly and spot-on, contributing to an increase in the availability of IT systems and minimising production stoppages. Regular monitoring of databases helped detect problems related to the application. F5Wizard indicated the areas responsible for excessive disposal of assets disrupting the system. Thanks to a swift and precise detection of errors, the losses caused by work stoppages at the processing plant were reduced to the minimum.


Manufacturing on a three-shift basis is an organisational and technical challenge for the whole Company. Round-the-clock surveillance with the F5Wizard monitoring devices means that we are able to control our assembly lines comprehensively and in every detail.

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