F5 Wizard

Monitoring serwerów

Architecture of the monitoring system


  • F5Wizard service exploits several elements of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) methodology
  • F5Wizard is provided in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model
  • Components of monitoring:
    • Application/Service – may report the following statuses: OK, Warning, Critical, No data
    • Host (e.g. Server, Network device)
    • Monitor – a given variable (e.g. CPU load, Internet link disposal) may report the following statuses: OK, Warning, Critical, No data
  • The system lets you freely create Application objects, which may contain Host- or Monitor-type objects.

    Example – electronic mail (type: Application)

    • Router (type: Host) – Internet link load (type: Monitor)>/
    • MAIL Server (type: Host) - CPU (type: Monitor)
    • DNS Server (type: Host) – DNS Service (type: Monitor)
    • Anti-SPAM Gateway: (type: Host) - Blacklist (RBL) (type: monitor)
  • F5Wizard structure:

    A responsive web application available on any device. Central Processing System

    • External Agent – data source (agents located at different data centres and using the public network – the INTERNET).
    • Internal Agent – data source (agents located at internal structures of the Customer’s network).
  • Applications – quick and intuitive control.

    F5Wizard monitoring has a functionality which groups selected components into a single logical entity, forming uniform Applications. This type of management makes it possible to distinguish monitored resources in a clear and easy to control manner.

    How does it work?

    • Development of an Application monitoring the condition of an e-mail service system.
    • The functionality consists in gathering in one place the monitors controlling the functioning of routers, firewalls, mail servers and DNS servers. The application of pre-defined rules makes it possible to obtain a clear message warning against a potential problem within the Application: E-mail.
    • Thanks to the ready-made rules, it is possible to specify the manner of verifying particular parameters, including availability of ports, presence on spam lists or response time of a DNS server. F5Wizard also makes it possible to create individual rules using own scripts. Automatic analysis of the resource status significantly helps support administrators, especially in large and complex IT environments.
    • In order to facilitate viewing the events log, the Applications functionality was equipped with a timeline which presents historical data that determine the Application status chronologically. Particular statuses are also presented in the form of a chart indicating the Application status over time
    Moreover, the Applications functionality allows the following:
    • Generation of clear information for the business concerning the current status without technical details
    • Response – through the system of notifications – to changes of statuses of particular resources and entire Applications
    • Control of the data analysis process by the customer, taking into consideration the relations between particular application elements
  • F5Wizard may use many agents, both internal and external, simultaneously. Therefore, the monitoring may be provided both in the internal structures of the customer and on the Internet.
  • F5Wizard lets you monitor the availability of external services, such as outsourced IT services, main connection and backup connection
  • Proactive response of F5Wizard

    The F5Wizard monitoring system offers a functionality making it possible to proactively response to changes in the customer’s IT infrastructure.
    Thanks to the possibility of configuring specific parameters and the system of internal and external agents, F5Wizard forecasts and predicts the risk of excessive overload of the monitored system at the customer.

    How does it work?

    • If there is a risk of failure of physical servers or virtual machines due to excessive traffic, such as rapidly increasing number of purchase transactions, properly configured F5Wizard monitoring system autonomously decides to add additional virtual machines.
    • As the resources are proactively increased, the system prevents situations where the monitored performance of the infrastructure reaches a critical level. This functionality is an ideal solution in the case of monitored e-commerce platforms where every inconvenience on the part of prospective customers affects their decision to purchase using a selected platform.
    • Automatic response of the F5Wizard monitoring system prevents slowing down of the handling of incoming orders or making it impossible to handle the incoming orders. Thanks to autonomous and timely decisions to add additional resources to the system, the sales process goes smoothly. Any inconvenience that may occur in the case of late action on the part of the system administrator is eliminated and goes completely unnoticed by the users making transactions via a sales platform.
    • The response involving adding additional virtual machines, increasing memory or adding additional vCPUs is one of many possible responses of the F5Wizard system. In other situations it is possible to disable/enable the switch port, restart the process, change firewall configuration or run a script associated with the SQL database. The options to response to a change in the status of a business application are practically unlimited!

Proactive response of F5Wizard in Oponeo.pl

Operation of the F5Wizard monitoring.

Schemat działania monitoringu F5Wizard


  • F5Wizard lets you set up the monitors individually and ensures in-depth monitoring of services/applications.
  • F5wizard lets you:
    • create and manage users
    • assign roles to users
      • Roles – defining the authorisation to perform operations for every element of F5Wizard in the Management or Preview modes
    • Creating and managing groups of contacts – grouping users according to the individual needs of the organisation.
    • Creating and managing shifts – establishing an individual shift schedule for administrators, who get notifications about events.
    • Creating and managing communication channels – configuring the notification method in line with individual schedules for every user of the system.
    • Monitor configuration – individually configuring the settings of statuses for every monitor separately, with values provided in numbers or as a percentage.
  • F5Wizard allows to configure periodical reports of specific types, assigned to:
    • contacts
    • groups of contacts
    • shifts
    • event-based rules
    • specific monitors
  • F5Wizard is a web application intended for use on mobile devices.
  • The monitoring system is located at a professional data centre, which guarantees 24/7/365 service.