F5 Wizard

Monitoring serwerów

The benefits of having a monitoring system F5 Wizard

Got perspective

Clear information on the status of your systems, devices and applications all in one place

  • F5Wizard lets you monitor the availability and security of IT services.
  • F5Wizard has a clear interface available online. Every user may customise the layout individually.
  • F5Wizard lets you compile and compare historical data.
  • Data presentation methods:
    • Dashboard – presents online the status of the monitored IT services.
      • Shows real-time information on the actual status of working monitors.
      • ou may swiftly activate and deactivate specific elements, filtering events related to specific statuses – by time and date, host, monitor, check result and status.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Wherever you are, the system immediately notifies you of all threats.

  • Monitoring is provided with the use of: SNMP, NP./S, DNS, FTP, NNTP, POP3, SPOP3, SMTP, SSH, Telnet, IMAP.
  • F5Wizard verifies the availability of IT services, using devices with an IP address, such as:
    • Servers
    • Mass memory resources
    • Switches
    • Routers
    • Unified Thread Management (UTM) devices
    • Firewall systems, IPS / IDS
    • WIFI access points
    • Telephone exchanges, voice systems
    • CCTV systems
    • UPS monitoring
    • Air conditioners
    • Others…
  • F5Wizard monitors services compatible with Windows, Linux/Unix and MacOS, as well as the availability of IT services provided on LAN, WAN and the Internet.
  • With our system, you can monitor the security of applications by performing periodic penetration tests, identifying various vulnerabilities of applications and systems.
  • F5Wizard provides vulnerability assessment performed according to OWASP. Vulnerability assessment and verification are performed with the use of such tools as the F5 Networks solutions with the Application Security Manager functionalities.
  • F5Wizard monitors web portals or services at every stage of predefined scenarios. A predefined scenario – periodic completion of tasks considered critical for business and usually completed by a model user in the application/service.
  • F5Wizard gathers information on events and offers correlations.
  • The system identifies bottlenecks at critical elements of the IT infrastructure.
Examples of application monitoring F5Wizard
Monitoring e-banking

Electronic banking

  • accessing the log-in page
  • logging in
  • checking any value
  • completing any action
  • verifying if the operation was completed successfully
  • logging out
  • defining the service status
Monitoring serwisów sprzedażowych, e-commerce

ECommerce platforms

  • accessing the platform
  • finding items with a search engine
  • adding items to basket
  • logging in to access the user account
  • placing test orders
  • defining the service status
Monitor aplikacji webowych

Any IT service/application

  • executing any script and analysing responses
  • presenting results (data)
  • defining the service/application status

Respond effectively

Get detailed information on all elements of the system – identify the problem rapidly and precisely.

  • Thanks to immediate notifications via e-mail, text messenger or automatic reports in ticket systems, you get accurate information on the source of the event in the blink of an eye, which allows you to:
    • take measures preventing critical events
    • take measures restoring full availability of IT services
    • communicate accurate reports to external service providers
    • verify the situation on an ongoing basis and escalate the solutions of incidents
  • The functionality of compiling and comparing historical data lets you predict development directions of your infrastructure.
  • The functionality of running periodic penetration tests and vulnerability assessment performed according to OWASP lets you eliminate critical threats for the security of your business.

Information flow in the F5Wizard system

F5Wizard system information flow graph

Everything under control

Eliminate losses and improve your security thanks to comprehensive reporting.

  • F5Wizard generates detailed reports on the availability, security and events related to the services monitored.
  • The system provides ongoing and historical reports on the availability of services, trends in services, history of alerts and notifications.
  • F5Wizard can generate periodic reports according to an individually defined schedule.
  • F5Wizard lets you set up notifications triggered according to an individually defined schedule or after a specific event.
  • F5Wizard helps you plan periods of downtime and service breaks within the IT infrastructure.
  • F5Wizard supports many types of users:
    • Managment
    • Managers
    • engineers
  • The system lets you track and escalate the history of notifications.
  • F5Wizard can be integrated with the following systems: ticket systems, Workflow, Service Desk.